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Chinese language films at the IFFR 24 Jan-4 Feb

International Film Festival Rotterdam 24 January-4 February

List of Chinese language films:


feature length

The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful 血觀音, d: Yang Ya-che 楊雅喆, Taiwan 2017


Dragonfly Eyes 蜻蜓之眼, d: Xu Bing 徐冰, China 2017


Father to Son 范保德, d: Hsiao Ya-chuan 萧雅全, Taiwan 2018


Impermanence 云水, d: Zeng Zeng 曾赠, China 2018


Mrs. Fang 方秀英, d: Wang Bing 王兵,HK, France, Germany 2017


Silent Mist, d: Zhang Miaoyan 章淼焱, China/France 2017


Stammering Ballad 黄河尕谣, d: Zhang Nan 张楠, China 2018


The Widowed Witch 小寡妇成仙记, d: Cai Chengjie 蔡成杰, China 2018


Youth 芳华, d: Feng Xiaogang 冯小刚, China 2017


Extrastellar Evaluations III: Entropy: 25800 超星鑑定III:熵:25800 , d: Chen Yin-ju 陳瀅如,

Taiwan 2018

The film director’s website:


I Have Nothing to Say 媽媽的口供, d: Ying Liang 應亮, Taiwan/HK 2017


Re-Rupture 重新破裂, d: Hsu Che-Yu 許哲瑜, Taiwan 2017



Star Ferry, d: Simon Liu, HK/Japan 2017


The Walker, d: Su Hui-yu 蘇匯宇, Taiwan 2018


The Worldly Cave 凡洞, d: Zhou Tao 周滔, China 2017

(part of Ammodo Tiger Short Competition 3)


Zhou Tao 周滔: Time Keeper

consists of 5 shorts



China and/or Chinese language related in one way or another:

Agua Viva, d: Alexa Lim Haas, animated short, USA 20


Geomancer, d: Lawrence Lek, UK 2017



An Impossibly Small Object, d: David Verbeek, Taiwan/NL/Kroatië 2018


Liquid Landscape, d: Wang Nan, NL 2018