29 May Leiden Univ. library Round-table: zus-en zo. A conversation between translators in Asian Literature

29 May – Round-table: zus-en-zo. A conversation between translators in Asian Literature

Why don’t we translate a ‘dhoti’ to ‘wikkelbroek’ or ‘broekrok’? Mr. Sharma saw with his own two eyes that the cup had fallen down to the ground. Did Mr. Jansen see that too? Who is the greatest writer in history? How do you translate your eleventh century Japanese jokes? Do you need to translate Chinese first names or not? How convenient or useful is it to have contact with the writer while translating? All these questions, and more, will be answered during the round-table conversation Sister-and-so.


Speaker: Alexander Reeuwijk
Translators: Dick Plukker (Hindi), Jos Vos (Japanese) Silvia Marijnissen (Chinese)
Time; 20.00 hrs

Address: University Library Leiden, Vossiuszaal; Witte Singel 27, Leiden


Everyone is welcome to attend this evening. Please confirm your participation by May 27th by email: login@library.leidenuniv.nl (please refer to roundtable translators asiatic literature)