China seminar: updated schedule

China Seminar 2016-2017

From 15.15-17.00 in Vrieshof 1 – 6


28 Sep 2016   CANCELLED

Frank Pieke (LIAS): “Party Spirit: Producing Communist Belief in Contemporary China”


19 Oct 2016

Max K.W. Huang (Academia Sinica): “Evolution and Ethics and the Transformation of Knowledge in Modern China”

This lecture is part of the Taiwan Lectures on Chinese Studies.


9 Nov 2016

Weiyu Zhang (National University of Singapore): “Fandom Publics: The Internet and New Social Formation in China”

N.B.: This session starts at 16.00.


30 Nov 2016

Matt Ferchen (Tsinghua University): “Political Risk Assessment with Chinese Characteristics: Venezuela and Beyond”