18 May CHILL lecture by Wang Man “Experimental approach to language production of Mandarin”


Chinese Linguistics in Leiden



Last Lecture of the 2016 Spring Series!


All welcome!


18 May 2016


15:15-16:30, De Vrieshof 1/001



WANG Man (Leiden)


“Experimental approach to language production of Mandarin”


Most psycholinguistic models of speech production agree on an earlier semantic processing stage and a later word-form encoding stage. These models are mainly based on evidence from West Germanic languages, where orthographic and phonological forms are less differentiated. However, languages using logographic scripts (e.g. Mandarin) show a highly arbitrary grapheme-to-phoneme correspondence. This phenomenon raises the issue to what extent current psycholinguistic models are capable of accounting for cross-linguistic differences. In this talk, I will discuss the time course of Mandarin production and the generalizability of current language production models.



More to come in the Fall of 2016!