China Seminar 19 March Pál Nyiri: Reporting for China

China Seminar – March 19, 2014, 15:15    —— Arsenaal, room 001 —— Arsenaalstraat 1, Leiden

Pál Nyiri (VU)

Reporting for China: how overseas correspondents for Chinese media see their work

Even as foreign correspondent networks shrink worldwide, Chinese media are, for the first time in history, building up global networks of their own. In my ongoing research, I am interested in how correspondents for these media see their roles in mediating the world to Chinese readers. How do they reconcile individual interests with political imperatives economic pressures? Are they contributing to new ways of seeing the world or entrenching dominant existing views?


April 9, 2014: Svetlana Kharchenkova (UvA) “Fast and furious: development of the contemporary art market in China”

April 23, 2014: Yangdon Dhondup (SOAS) “Alliances and strategic networks: Tibetan Buddhist lamas and the Qing court”

April 30, 2014: Chao Yung-mau (National Taiwan University, IIAS) “An assessment of local politics and its prospect in Taiwan”

plus: May 7, 2014 with Taru Salmenkari and May 21, 2014 with Hilde De Weerdt