Barend ter Haar Farewell Symposium: Writing and Literacy in early traditional China

Barend ter Haar Farewell Symposium


Writing and literacy in early traditional China


date: 21 June 2013

place: Lipsius 148



10:30  Welcome

10:45-11:30  Adam Smith: “Literacy in the Shang”

11:30-12:15  Paul van Els: “The Master said… or did he?”


13:45-14:30  Imre Galambos: “Literacy in Dunhuang material”

14:30-15:15  Dirk Meyer: “The Gùmìng 顧命 (Testimonial charge) and the production of memory in Warring States politico-philosophical debate”


15:45-16:45  Valerie Hansen: “Writing and literacy on the silk road”

16:45-17:30  Barend ter Haar: “Some comments on historical issues around writing”


drinks in the LAK foyer


This symposium has been made possible thanks to financial support from:

LUF/Romboutsfonds, AMT, LIAS and Opleiding Chinastudies