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8 mei: een avond met de Chinese schrijver Bi Feiyu

Een avond met de Chinese schrijver


Bi Feiyu

auteur van o.a. het bekroonde Drie zussen


Bi wordt geïnterviewd door Maghiel van Crevel, hoogleraar Chinese taal- en letterkunde, over zijn nieuwe boek, literatuur in/uit China, en alles wat daarbij komt kijken.


Met voorlezing uit zijn werk


De avond zal worden ingeleid door Mark Leenhouts


datum: 8 mei 2013

tijd: 19:30-21:30 (inloop vanaf 19:15)

plaats: Kooyker, Breestraat 93


Graag aanmelden/please register: via of tel. 071-3040130



De avond wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door Boekhandel Selexyz Kooyker, de opleiding Chinastudies van Universiteit Leiden, het Confucius Instituut, Leiden Institute for Area Studies LIAS en Uitgeverij De Geus.


Chinese filmladder 19-26 april

in de bioscoop:


THE GRANDMASTER (Yi dai zongshi), r: Wong Kar-wai, China 2013, vanaf 9 mei in de bioscoop

op de televisie:

zo 21 Arte 23.10-00.45 uur THE EYE (Jian gui), r: Danny en Oxide Pang, HK/Thailand 2002

di 23 Arte 23.45-02.05 uur VISAGE (Lian), r: Tsai Ming-Liang, Fr/Tw 2009


za 20 hollanddoc24 16.31-17.26 uur THE NEXT LIFE, r: Fan Jian, docu

ma 22 hollanddoc24 23.28-00.23 uur THE NEXT LIFE

wo 24 hollanddoc24 21.27-22.22 uur THE NEXT LIFE

CHINA SEMINAR | 24 APRIL 2013 | Kai Filipiak| Ming Martial Arts: Characteristic Features and Problems of Research


Ming Martial Arts: Characteristic Features and Problems of Research

Speaker:  Dr. Kai Filipiak (University of Leipzig)
Expertise:  Political and Social History of Late Imperial China, Military History, Chinese Martial Arts
Date and time:  Wednesday, 24 April 2013, 15.15-17.00
Venue:  Arsenaal building, East Asian Library, Green Room

Language:  English

Abstract: The paper deals with characteristic features of martial arts during the Ming dynasty. Starting from the question of what martial arts is or seems to be, the paper provides an introduction into types of sources, discusses important trends of martial arts development during the Ming dynasty and explains the social origins of martial arts practice. It will be shown that the development is characterized by aspects of differentiation, specialization, and regionalization of martial arts. Using the example of the military, it can be demonstrated that the practice of martial arts was closely related to its purpose that defined the performance. Finally, the paper presents different social groups practicing martial arts for different reasons. The last section will fix some problems in Ming martial arts research today.

Dr. Filipiak obtained his Ph.D. from Leipzig University. He has been a lecturer at Leipzig University, Philips University (Marburg), and a visiting researcher at  and is currently also visiting professor at People’s University in Beijing as well as senior lecturer in  Chinese Studies at Leipzig University. His publications include a number of articles on Chinese military history.

This seminar is sponsored by Stichting Shilin, Leiden University Journal of Young Sinology.


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Chinese filmladder 12-19 april

in de bioscoop:

Imagine Filmfestival Amsterdam (8-17 april),, met:

17 april THE GRANDMASTER (Yi dai zongshi), r: Wong Kar-wai, China 2013

13 & 16 april THE BLACK SQUARE (Kuroi shikaku), r: Hiroshi Okuhara, China/Japan 2012


THE GRANDMASTER (Yi dai zongshi), r: Wong Kar-wai, China 2013, vanaf 9 mei in de bioscoop

op de televisie:


wo 17 Arte 18.15-19.00 uur MONGOLEI: AKROBATIK HOCH ZU ROSS

wo 17 Arte 23.25-01.05 uur THE EYE (Jian gui), r: Danny en Oxide Pang, HK/Thailand 2002

do 18 WDR 23.15-00.55 uur BUDDHA MOUNTAIN (Guanyin shan), r: Li Yu, China 2010


Lecture: Ming Princes and the Ming Polity, by J. Kerlouégan

A Eurasian Empires Event:

Lecture by J. Kerlouégan, “Ming Princes and the Ming Polity”

Wednesday 10 April, 17.00-19.00

Venue: room 148 in the Lipsius building

More information:

Chinese filmladder: CinemAsia 4-7 april 2013

Van 4 tot 7 april in de Balie in A’dam: CinemAsia filmfestival, met dit jaar diverse Chinese films:

1/ LOST IN THAILAND, r: Zhou Chen (China 2012)

2/ THE SILK ROAD OF POP, r: Sameer Farooq (China 2012)

3/ TAI CHI ZERO, r: Stephen Fung (HK 2012)

4/ TAI CHI HERO, r: Stephen Fung (HK 2013)

5/ LINSANITY, r: Evan Leong (Taiwan 2013) – special sneak preview

6/ WILL YOU STILL LOVE ME TOMORROW, r: Arvin Chen (Taiwan 2013)

7/ WHEN A WOLF FALLS IN LOVE WITH A SHEEP, r: Chi-jan Hou (Taiwan 2012)

8/ LOVE IS SIN, r: Huang Chao-Liang (Taiwan 2012)

9/ GF X BF, r: Ya-che Yang (Taiwan 2012)

reserveren via de website: