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China Seminar 7 February 2011


CHINA SEMINAR | 07 FEBRUARI 2011| Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner

Lineage enhancement and premarital testing among rural households in Mainland China

Speaker: Dr. Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner (University of Sussex, UK)

Expertise: anthropology, East Asian biotechnology, nationalism


Date and time: Monday, 7 February 2011, 17.15 – 19.00h (Please note different time and venue)

Venue: LIPSIUS 130

Language: English



This presentation concerns the eugenics and fetal education propagated, described and advised in hundreds of Chinese handbooks on family planning, reproductive life, and the creation of high-quality offspring for married couples and parents to be. It queries the emphasis this discourse places on education and individual awareness, arguing that both the eugenic aspirations of the state and its focus on individual choice are misplaced when applied to rural regions. Using the example of birth-planning, this presentation employs the distinction between lineage- and stock-enhancement to clarify why the policy of premarital testing, based on population control, birth-planning and genetic awareness, cannot be understood adequately without considering the interest of individuals and family-households in their socio-cultural and economic contexts.


Speaker’s resume:
Dr. Sleeboom-Faulkner’s postdoctoral work shifted focus to the anthropology of medical and biological sciences. She set up a comparative research project on ‘Genomics in Asia’, exploring the socio-political and economic consequences of the application of the new genetic technologies in China, India and Japan. Central here is a comparison of biobanking practices, genetic testing and population policy-making. This research has led to several edited works, such as Genomics in Asia (Kegan Paul, 2004) and Biobanking in Asia (Kegan Paul, forthcoming 2008). Since joining the Anthropology Department at Sussex, Margaret’s research has been concerned with stem cell research in Asian societies. Her ESRC fellowship (2007-8) concentrates on the institutional aspects of stem cell research in China and Japan, while her research jointly conducted with anthropology departments in Cambridge and Durham emphasises the transnational movement of intellectual and material resources and International Science and Bioethical Collaborations (ISBC). Additionally, she is the Sussex University partner in Bionet, a EU sixth framework programme, which serves as a platform for twenty European and Chinese partners to discuss bioethical issues and regulation in Europe and China.




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Chinese filmladder

Voor het Filmfestival Rotterdam: zie vorige post.

In Eye (A’dam) draaien nog films in het kader van het Hong Kong Film Panorama, zie daarvoor ook eerder.

Op de televisie deze week:

za 29 SBS 6 14.15-16.00 WENDY WU: HOMECOMING WARRIOR, r: John Laing, VS 2006, met o.a. Brenda Song en Shin Koyamada. Taal: Engels, Nederlandse titels.

za 29 Arte 21.05-22.00 CHINAS GEHEIMNISVOLLE MUMIEN, docu

zo 30 Ned 2 14.00-14.30 GRENZEN VERLEGGEN IN MONGOLIË, docu over o.a. boeddhistische kloosters daar

zo 30 Arte 15.35-16.30 CHINA GEHEIMNISVOLLE MUMIEN (herh)

OP WEEKDAGEN Nickelodeon 08.30-08.55 NI HAO KAI LAN

ma 31 DisC 07.00-08.00 MAN MADE MARVELS: CHINA

di 1 feb DisC 07.55-08.50 MAN MADE MARVELS: CHINA; plus ook 21.00-22.00


wo 2 Arte 11.25-12.15 CHINAS GEHEIMNISVOLLE MUMIEN (herh)

do 3 Ned 2 00.10-01.05 (NB = nacht wo/do) CHINA’S STOLEN CHILDREN, r: Jezza Neumann, VS/UK 2007, docu


do 3 Ned 2 21.30-22.00 DE WILDE KEUKEN: over pasta, maar vooral over mie

vr 4 DisC 07.55-08.50 CHINA’S MAN MADE MARVELS


Chinese filmladder & Filmfestival Rotterdam

op de televisie:

op weekdagen Nickelodeon 08.30-08.55 uur NI HAO KAI LAN

wo 26 Arte 22.00-23.50 uur STILL LIFE (三峡好人Sanxia haoren), r: Jia Zhangke 贾樟柯, CH/HK 2006; taal Mandarijn, Duitse titels (vermoed ik)

do 27 Discovery 07.00-07.55 uur MAN MADE MARVELS CHINA

do 27 Veronica 20.30-22.45 uur ROMEO MUST DIE, r: Andrzej Bartkowiak, VS 2000, met o.a. Jet Li en Aaliyah; taal: Engels, Nederlandse titels

vr 28 Discovery 07.00-07.55 uur MAN MADE MARVELS CHINA

op internet en digitale tv:

Holland Doc 24 vertoont deze week in het kader van het Filmfestival diverse documentaires over vechtsporten. Voor het schema en omschrijvingen, zie Documentaires met Chinese thema’s zijn WINTER FLOWER (Alessandra Populin), THE REAL SHAOLIN (Alexander Sebastien Lee) en EAT YOUR ENEMY (Eline Flipse).

in de bioscoop:

nog steeds in EYE: het Hong Kong Film Panorama, zie vorige post voor meer informatie

Tijdens Filmfestival Rotterdam 26 jan- 6 feb worden veel Chinese films vertoond, niet alleen in het kader van het thema Water Tiger Inn rond wuxia en kungfu, maar er draaien ook veel nieuwe, onafhankelijke producties uit de VRC en diverse films uit Taiwan en Hongkong. Hieronder een overzichtje van de films. Voor het schema en de filmomschrijvingen, ga naar

ASHES OF TIME REDUX (Dongxie Xidu), r: Wong Kar-wai, HK 2008

BLACK BLOOD, r: Zhang Miaoyan, China/Fr 2011

BREAKFAST, LUNCH, DINNER, r: Wang Jing, Anocha Suwichakornpong/ Kaz Chai, Singapore 2010

DRAGON GATE INN, r: King Hu (Hu Jinquan), TW 1966

DRUNKEN MASTER, r: Yuen Woo-Ping, HK 1978

DUEL TO THE DEATH, r: Ching Siu-tung, HK 1983


FIRST SPRING, r: Yang Fudong, Italië 2010 (short, 10 min)

FONG SAI YUK, r: Yuen Kwai, HK 1993

FORTUNE TELLER, r: Xu Tong, China 2010


GOLDEN SWALLOW, r: Chang Cheh, HK 1968

THE HIGH LIFE, r: Zhao Dayong, China/HK 2010

KILLER CLANS, r: Chu Yuan, HK 1976

KING BOXER, r: Jeong Chang-Hwa, HK 1972 (Koreaanse regisseur maakt film in het Mandarijn in HK)

LEGEND OF THE MOUNTAIN, r: King Hu (Hu Jinquan), TW 1979

LOVE IN A PUFF, r: Pang Ho-cheung, HK 2010

MERRY-GO-ROUND, r: Mak Yan Yan, Cheng Clement, HK 2010

MY FATHER’S HOUSE, r: Zhao Dayong, China/HK 2011

THE OLD DONKEY, r: Li Ruijun, China 2010

PEDICAB DRIVER, r: Sammo Hung, HK 1989

THE PIANO IN A FACTORY, r: Zhang Meng, China 2010

PINOY SUNDAY, r: Ho Wi-ding, TW/Fil/Jp/Fr 2009

RED HEROINE, r: Wen Yimin, China 1929 (zwijgende film)

REIGN OF ASSASSINS, r: Su Chao-pin en John Woo, China/HK/TW 2010



THE SWORDSWOMAN OF HUANGJIANG, r: Chen Kengren, China 1930 (zwijgende film)

TAPE, r: Li Ning, China 2010

THE TIGER FACTORY, r: Woo Ming Jin, Maleisië/JP 2010

WHEN LOVE COMES, r: Chang Tso-chi, TW 2010

WINTER VACATION, r: Li Hongqi, China/Zw 2010

YEAR WITHOUT SUMMER, r: Tan Chui Mui, Maleisië 2010

YIP MAN, r: Wilson Yip, HK 2008


Er draaien ook veel shorts met Chinese dan wel Chineestalige invalshoek, nl. in de volgende verzamelprogramma’s:

Apart Together: ON THE WAY TO THE SEE, r: Gu Tao, China/Canada 2010

Cinema Reloaded: NO ONE IS ILLEGAL, r: Ho Yuhang, Maleisië 2010

Farewell: EXHALATION, r: Edmund Yeo, JP/Maleisië 2010 + FATIHA, r: Margaret Bong, Maleisië 2011 + WHEN THE END OF WINTER IS ALMOST SPRING, r: Sherman Ong, Singapore 2010

Immigrant Cities: Guangzhou & Rotterdam: MOAMBA CHINESA, r: Henrique Narciso ‘Dito’, Angola 2011

Loaded and Reloaded: ONE DAY I FORGOT AND USED MY HANDS, r: Charles Lim Yi Yong, Singapore 2011 + FAMOUS LAST WORDS, r: Ho Yuhang, Maleisië 2011 + NO ONE IS ILLEGAL, r: Ho Yuhang, Maleisië 2010 + THE POLICE GAME, r: Lai Meng-Jie, TW 2009

Memory and Loss: TAI PING CHUAN, r: Hao Bo, China 2010

Raiding Africa 1: LI XIA’S SALON, r: Omelga Mhtiyane, Zuid-Afrika/China 2011

Raiding Africa 2: LOVE BORN OF CHOPSTICKS, r: Emile-Aime Chah Yibain, Kameroen/China 2011 + SNAKE, r: Ssenkaaba Samxon ‘Xenson’, Oeganda/China 2011

Raiding Africa in Context 1: HOMAGE TO THE BUDDHA – OF AFRICA, r: Nicole Schafer, Malawi/Zuid-Afrika 2011

Re-constructions: FORGOTTEN COLUMN, r: Zhou Xiaohu, China 2010

Rotterdam Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films 2: END TRANSMISSION, r: James T. Hong/Chen Yin-Ju, TW/NL/Dui 2010 + BEYOND-ISM, r: Sun Xun, China 2010

Strange Messengers: POSITIVE, r: Tan Tan, China 2010




Call for Papers (Chime conference)

CHIME, European Foundation for Chinese Music Research P.O. Box 11092, 2301 EB Leiden, The Netherlands Visiting address Chime: Gerecht 1, 2311 TC Leiden Tel 071-5133974 / 5133123
E-mail: Website:

(with apologies for cross-postings)
Performing Arts in Contemporary Asia: Tradition and Travel 16th International CHIME Meeting
6 to 9 July, 2011, Royal Holloway University of London
This conference focuses on the mobility and travel of Asian traditional performers and their performances – physically or mediated form – around the globe. There will be a  particular emphasis on contemporary Asia, and a sub-focus on China. The meeting is hosted by Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL), Egham, Surrey (UK), in partnership with CHIME (European Foundation for Chinese Music Research) and the APAF (Asian Performing Arts Forum). Topics of study range from routes formed by itinerant performers to the funding and facilitation of cross-border exchanges initiated by contemporary companies and festivals. For a full-length description of the conference theme and the sub-themes, see the CHIME website at Abstracts of around 300 words are invited for twenty-minute presentations on the conference theme. Proposers may also submit panel sessions of a maximum of 120 minutes (including discussion). In this case, an abstract of around 300 words should detail the focus of the panel as a whole, with abstracts of 100-200 words for each contribution. We will also support a number of poster sessions in the course of the conference, enabling work in progress to be shared using video/image as well as other media. A brief description of the material and technical requirements should be submitted for this.
The deadline for submission of abstracts is March 20, 2011. An early acceptance policy will be implemented for those in need of conference confirmation for grant or visa applications. Papers and (especially) panels addressing the theme of the conference (while referring to sufficiently specific research) are explicitly encouraged. For more information, please contact Dr Shzr Ee Tan on

Chinese filmladder 14-21 jan


in EYE Film Instituut Nederland, Amsterdam 13 t/m 30 januari. Onder andere de volgende films zijn te zien: Ashes of Time Redux, r: Wong Kar-wai (1994), Written By, r: Wai Ka-Fai (2009), Overheard, r: Alan Mak (2009), McDull Kungfu Ding Ding Dong, r: Brian Tse (2009), Drunken Master, r: Yuen Woo-Ping (1978), Rebellion, r: Herman Yau (2009), Yip Man, r: Wilson Yip (2008), Pedicab Driver, r: Sammo Hung (1988), Fong Sai-yuk, r: Corey Yuen (1993), Soundless Windchime, r: Wing Kit Hung (2009), Night and Fog, r: Ann Hui (2009), Storm Warriors 2, r: Oxide Pang (2009), Reign of Assassins, r: Su Chau-Pin (2009). 

Een handig overzichtje staat hier:

Ook op televisie wordt de laatste week van januari aandacht besteed aan martial arts:

Deze week op de televisie:

op weekdagen: Nickelodeon 08.30-08.55 NI HAO KAI LAN

zo 16 RTL 7 00.10-02.20 WARRIORS OF HEAVEN AND EARTH 天地英雄, r: He Ping 何平, HK/CH 2003, met o.a. Jiang Wen, Kiichi Nakai en Wang Xueqi; taal: Mandarijn, Nederlandse titels

zo 16 Ned2 18.55-19.45 WILD CHINA: Shangri-La

zo 16 Veronica 2030-22.15 RUSH HOUR 3, r: Brett Ratner, VS 2007, actiekomedie met o.a. Jackie Chan en Chris Tucker; taal: Engels, Nederlandse titels

zo 16 Veronica 22.15-00.15 RUSH HOUR, r: Brett Ratner, VS 1998, actiekomedie met o.a. Jackie Chan en Chris Tucker; taal: Engels, Nederlandse titels

ma 17 Arte 02.00-02.55 ÖDIPUS IN CHINA, docu over traumaverwerking na de Culturele Revolutie

Deze week in de bioscoop: zie boven, HK film panorama

Internationaal Filmfestival Rotterdam 26 jan-6 feb, zie

en meer over de martial arts films op het festival: