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28 June Manchu Foundation: Tsead, Jo en de Mantsjoes

Taal en poëzie van Friesland tot Siberië

Op deze avond vieren we de kracht van taal en poëzie en in het bijzonder onze nieuwste uitgave Mantsjoes toen en nu in gedichten en gebeden. We doen dit met drie prachtsprekers. Je zult op het puntje van je stoel zitten.

Jo DE BAERDEMAKER ofwel Typojo laat ons toe in zijn wereld van letterontwerp. Jo gaf verschillende kwetsbare talen een gezicht door middel van fontontwerp. Hiermee gaf hij niet alleen een practisch gereedschap aan de taalgebruikers, maar ook een stuk eigenwaarde. Want, denk je in: wat zou het betekenen als er geen letters zijn om Nederlands mee te typen?

Tsead BRUINJA zal voordragen uit eigen werk, dat zich splits in Friese en Nederlandse gedichten. Hoe deel je jezelf als je in twee moedertalen dicht? Naast de gedichten zelf, zal Tsead ook over die vraag een boekje open doen. Tsead zal zeker ook lezen uit zijn nieuwe bundel Hingje net alle klean op deselde kapstôk / Hang niet alle kleren aan dezelfde kapstok.

Fresco SAM-SIN zal in zijn presentatie de Mantjoe sjamanen, khans, soldaten en het gewone volk een stem geven. Bijna 300 jaar een wereldmacht en toch nog zo onbekend. En hoe mooi als we de Mantsjoes kunnen leren kennen door hun, voor het Nederlandse publiek, compleet onbekende literatuur. Dat is precies wat Fresco zal doen.

locatie: Imperium, Oude Vest 33E, Leiden



20 april: Fresco Sam-Sin: Mantsjoes toen en nu in gedichten en gebeden

Mantsjoes toen en nu in gedichten en gebeden


Bijna drie eeuwen lang heersten de Mantsjoes over een van de grootste landrijken ooit, de Daiqing (1636-1912). Na de val van hun rijk viel de Mantsjoes haat, hoon en onderdrukking ten deel. Fresco Sam-Sin zal met gedichten en gebeden het lot van de Mantsjoes aan u introduceren: van bidden in het wild en in het donker, via lof-, hof- en liefdesverzen, tot trauma op rijm en burleske macaroni om te eindigen met beelden en geluiden van moderne poëzie. Welke invloed hebben de gebeden en gedichten van toen op de dichters en sprekers van nu?

20 april: Amsterdam – Perdu

CHILL! 7 March: Sun Jianqiang


Chinese Linguistics in Leiden


Spring 2018

All talks Wednesdays 15:15-16:30, Van Wijkplaats 2, room 006

7 March

Sun Jianqiang (Leiden)

“Chinese taboo characters and passive constructions as heuristic tools: Redating The Messiah Sutra序聽迷詩所經 and On One God一神論”

abstract: The Messiah Sutra and On One God are two ancient Chinese manuscripts that are taken as the earliest statements of the Christian faith in China. According to the conventional understanding, they were created by the first known Christian missionary Āluóběn 阿羅本 around the 640s. In this talk I will show that, relying on the name taboo tradition and the use of the bèi 被passive construction, one can make the case that the two texts were created most likely no earlier than the period of the late Tang and Five dynasties (800-960). These results have consequences for the traditional narrative of Christianity in pre-12th-century China.



28 March

Chen Aoju (Utrecht): “Same prominence, different developmental paths: Prosodic focus-marking in children acquiring Mandarin and West Germanic languages”


18 April

Yang Zhaole (Leiden): “Mandarin and scalarity”


9 May

Han Mengru  (Utrecht): “Mothers’ use of prosodic prominence in word-learning contexts: evidence from Dutch and Mandarin infant-directed speech”



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10 March: Manchu Foundation launches DEBTELIN 2

The Manchu Foundation would like to invite you to the free event ‘Debtelin 2’, during which the second edition of Debtelin will be presented.

DEBTELIN 2 explores the literature, art, culture and poetry of Manchu Archery. Translations and preparations are executed by Manchu students around the globe, supervised by Peter Dekker and Fresco Sam-Sin. Debtelin 2 comes with a poster and a website full of extra material.

There will be a Q&A with the main contributors of this edition: Fresco Sam-Sin, lecturer of Manchu and Manchu Studies at Leiden University, and Peter Dekker, specialist in Manchu Archery.
Peter will bring real antique Manchu weapons with him. Enough to see and talk about!

For more information and registering, or perhaps already buying your own copy, please go to

CHILL! 6 December HU Han: To Er or not to Er? The changing er in the speech community of Beijing


Chinese Linguistics in Leiden

Last presentation of this season!


note: the talk originally planned for 29 November has been cancelled.


6 December 2017 (Wednesday) 15:15-16:30, Wijkplaats 4/005

HU Han (Leiden):

“To Er or not no Er? The changing er in the speech community of Beijing”

abstract It is well known that social changes have an impact on language variation and change. Nowadays, Beijing witnesses radical social changes in the process of urbanization. Erhua, as a characteristic feature of Beijing Mandarin, is undergoing a change with the change of society. In this talk, I will present some preliminary findings related to the social stratification of erhua and people’s attitudes towards erhua.


Thursday 7 December China seminar: James A. Benn

Title: The Creation of a Tea Aesthetic in Tang Dynasty Verse

Speaker: McMaster University    James A. Benn

Venue: EYCKH 2 – 005

Time: 7 December 2017, 15:15-17:00

Abstract: The values associated with tea today— that it is natural, health- giving, detoxifying, spiritual, stimulating, refreshing, and so on— are not new concepts. We find them already in the poetry of the Tang dynasty (618-907). In tea poetry we can catch a glimpse of the cultural synergy created by literati, poets, and Buddhist monks gathering to share and construct new standards of connoisseurship and creativity, as well as to develop new themes and imagery. Surviving poems describe the color, aroma, and taste of the beverage; methods for preparing tea; the shape of teaware; settings for drinking tea; appreciation of the various aesthetic, medicinal, and psychoactive qualities of the beverage; as well as the world of tea growing, picking, and preparation.




Upcoming talks this semester:

Dates Room Presenter Affiliation
7 December 2017 EYCKH2 – 005 James Benn McMaster University
13 December 2017 REUVENS 201a Rongdao Lai University of Southern California


17 Nov: Looking for a place to bathe: lecture & museum visit

LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO BATHE: missed opportunities of anchoring Manchu origins in Kangxi’s Overview Maps of the Imperial Territories.

Throughout history, governments have (mis)used maps to build identity among their subjects. For Manchu khans, anchoring Manchu identity has been a struggle from the beginning. In fact, ‘being Manchu’ was a construct that only started to appear in written sources since the 1620s. The fourth khan of the Manchus, Kangxi (r.1661-1722), started to map his empire, resulting in 41 individual sheets. These Overview Maps of the Imperial Territories (Huangyu quanlan tu) presented a good opportunity of showing his people how far they had come since his great grandfather Nurhaci had attacked the Ming in 1618. Not unimportant, this project gave him the canvas to map the narrative surrounding the origin the Manchu royal lineage and its subjects, which started with three maidens wanting to bathe. The question whether the Overview maps succeeded in anchoring Manchu origins is at the centre of this lecture.

Speaker: Fresco Sam-Sin (Leiden University / Research Center for Material Culture)
followed by visit to the Mapping Asia gallery at Volkenkunde.


14:00: Lecture in Arsenaal, room 001
15:00: Walk to Mapping Asia gallery
16:36: end, followed by drinks?



1 Nov CHILL! (Chinese linguistics in Leiden): Joren Pronk


Chinese Linguistics in Leiden

1 November 2017, 15:15-16:30, Wijkplaats 4/005

Joren Pronk (Leiden):

A corpus-based description of kong2 in Taiwanese Southern Mǐn

The morpheme kong2 is widely used in Taiwanese Southern Mǐn, a Sinitic language spoken on the island of Taiwan. In this talk I will present the different functions of the use of kong2 that were found in my corpus, a discussion between four speakers aired on the radio by GreenPeace Broadcasting Station on August 13, 2016.



23 November 2017 [Thursday!! Location: to be announced]

Rint Sybesma (Leiden): “VO-OV and Voice and little v


29 November 2017

Liu Min (Leiden): “Processing of tone and intonation in Mandarin”


6 December 2017

Hu Han (Leiden) (title to be announced)


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27 September CHILL! Chinese Linguistics in Leiden: Liu Zenghui


Chinese Linguistics in Leiden


Program for Fall 2017


All welcome!


All lectures Wednesdays 15:15-16:30, Wijkplaats 4 /005, unless indicated otherwise

All lectures in English, unless indicated otherwise


27 September 2017

Liu Zenghui (Utrecht): “The development of prosodic focus-marking in early bilinguals’ L2: A study of the Mandarin of Bai-Mandarin bilingual children”


abstract This presentation reports about investigations into the developmental trajectory of prosodic focus-marking in Mandarin produced by Bai-Mandarin bilingual children (age 6-13 yoa), in comparison with that of monolingual Mandarin speaking peers. The research concerns Subject-Verb-Object sentences, which were elicited with varied focus conditions in a semi-spontaneous setting. The results show similarities and differences in the acquisition rate and route in Bai-Mandarin early bilingual children’s L2 and that in monolingual Mandarin-speaking peers’ L1.


28 September 2017

Two PhD defenses in Chinese linguistics (Senaatskamer, Academy building):

10:00  Zou Ting will be defending her dissertation, entitled: “Production and perception of tones by Dutch learners of Mandarin”

13:45  lu Man will be defending her dissertation, entitled: “The morpho-syntax of aspect in Xiāng Chinese”


11 October 2017

Lin Jing (Leiden): “Do speakers really benefit from linguistic markedness in hypothetical reasoning?”


1 November 2017

Joren Pronk (Leiden): “A corpus-based description of kong2 in Taiwanese Southern Mǐn”


23 November 2017 [Thursday!! Location: to be announced]

Rint Sybesma (Leiden): “VO-OV and Voice and little v


29 November 2017

Liu Min (Leiden): “Processing of tone and intonation in Mandarin”


6 December 2017

Hu Han (Leiden) (title to be announced)


If you have questions, comments, suggestions: write to


wo 20 september: gesprek met Yu Hua in De Burcht

Chinese schrijver Yu Hua in Leiden


Yu Hua (1960) is een van de grootste Chinese auteurs van dit moment. Hij werd bekend met de roman Leven!, die als To Live werd verfilmd door Zhang Yimou, en maakte furore met het vuistdikke Broers, waarin hij schrille parallellen legt tussen de collectieve waanzin van de Culturele Revolutie en het narcistische consumentisme in het huidige China. Zijn columns voor The New York Times vormden de basis voor de veelgelezen essaybundel China In 10 Words.

Yu Hua wordt geïnterviewd door Mark Leenhouts, literair vertaler en auteur van Aards maar bevlogen – Chinese literatuur van nu


Woensdag 20 september, 19:30, De Burcht, Burgsteeg 14, Leiden, toegang gratis