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28-30 June Shared Taste Conference: food and exchange in Asia and Europe

Shared Taste Conference:
The Shared Taste Conference takes place on June 28, June 29 and June 30 and features scholars working across relevant disciplines to present papers on the Eurasian movement of crops, foodstuffs and food practices, and the role of food in the exchange between Asia and Europe.

Keynote and opening of conference on June 28 by eminent French food historian Françoise Sabban (Paris); special featured speaker on June 29 is Asian food scholar Cecilia Leong-Salobir (Wollongong).

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Shared Taste Conference programme

12-14 Feb Conference on Chinese Buddhism



The study of Chinese Buddhism has made considerable progress since 1959, when Leiden professor Erik Zürcher published his landmark study The Buddhist Conquest of China. While this work continues to be the single best introduction to the issues of the earlier periods of Buddhism in China, Zürcher continued to write on Chinese Buddhism throughout his career. His most important contributions have been collected and edited, the result of which is Buddhism in China: Collected Papers of Erik Zürcher.

The incredible influence of the work of Erik Zürcher on the study of Chinese Buddhism calls out for a reevaluation of his contributions, to discuss his legacy, and future directions of research. Toward this end 13 scholars will make presentations at the conference: “Chinese Buddhism and the Scholarship of Erik Zürcher” in Leiden 12-14 February 2014.


Book presentation and opening lecture

The opening of the international conference on Chinese Buddhism and the Scholarship of Erik Zürcher is on Wednesday 12 February from 10.00-11.45 hours in the Academy Building, in the presence of Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrix.

During the opening Mrs H.D. Zürcher-Bulten will be presented with the first copy of Buddhism in China: Collected Papers of Erick Zürcher.

Register here for the book presentation and opening
You must register in order to attend. ID will be checked at the door.


Programme and registration

See the programme of the academic conference for more information.

The interested public is welcome to attend, but we do ask that you register (free of charge) in order to allow us to plan properly.
Register here for the academic conference.


The reception (open for all attendees) on February 12, 18.00 o’ clock in the Burgerzaal of the Town Hall, entrance through the stairs in the Breestraat opposite of bookstore Van Stockum on number 113.


Venue of book presentation:
Academy Building (location on Google maps)
Rapenburg 73