11 October CHILL (Chinese Linguistics in Leiden): Lin Jing


Chinese Linguistics in Leiden


11 October 2017 15:15-16:30, Wijkplaats 4/005


Lin Jing (Leiden):

Do speakers really benefit from linguistic markedness in hypothetical reasoning?


Abstract Many languages make use of conditional connectives in hypothetical sentences, like if in English. But if can also be used temporally, in which case it is interchangeable with temporal connectives like when. Such semantic ambiguity of conditional connectives is not found in Mandarin. Rúguǒ, for instance, only expresses hypotheticality. However, as I will show in this talk, speakers do not appear to benefit from the unique markedness of hypotheticality in Mandarin, as the presence of rúguǒ does not seem to help them reach a hypothetical reasoning pattern. I will present both accuracy and reaction time data, and discuss possible explanations for the results.



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