27 September CHILL! Chinese Linguistics in Leiden: Liu Zenghui


Chinese Linguistics in Leiden


Program for Fall 2017


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All lectures Wednesdays 15:15-16:30, Wijkplaats 4 /005, unless indicated otherwise

All lectures in English, unless indicated otherwise


27 September 2017

Liu Zenghui (Utrecht): “The development of prosodic focus-marking in early bilinguals’ L2: A study of the Mandarin of Bai-Mandarin bilingual children”


abstract This presentation reports about investigations into the developmental trajectory of prosodic focus-marking in Mandarin produced by Bai-Mandarin bilingual children (age 6-13 yoa), in comparison with that of monolingual Mandarin speaking peers. The research concerns Subject-Verb-Object sentences, which were elicited with varied focus conditions in a semi-spontaneous setting. The results show similarities and differences in the acquisition rate and route in Bai-Mandarin early bilingual children’s L2 and that in monolingual Mandarin-speaking peers’ L1.


28 September 2017

Two PhD defenses in Chinese linguistics (Senaatskamer, Academy building):

10:00  Zou Ting will be defending her dissertation, entitled: “Production and perception of tones by Dutch learners of Mandarin”

13:45  lu Man will be defending her dissertation, entitled: “The morpho-syntax of aspect in Xiāng Chinese”


11 October 2017

Lin Jing (Leiden): “Do speakers really benefit from linguistic markedness in hypothetical reasoning?”


1 November 2017

Joren Pronk (Leiden): “A corpus-based description of kong2 in Taiwanese Southern Mǐn”


23 November 2017 [Thursday!! Location: to be announced]

Rint Sybesma (Leiden): “VO-OV and Voice and little v


29 November 2017

Liu Min (Leiden): “Processing of tone and intonation in Mandarin”


6 December 2017

Hu Han (Leiden) (title to be announced)


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