Seminar: Thu 16 January: LGBT rights and strategies in mainland China

January 16: LGBT rights and strategies in mainland China

Speakers: Elisabeth Engebretsen and Zhu Jingshu


Date:  Thursday 16 January, 2014

Time: 15.15 – 17.00

Location: Arsenaal 014 [Arsenaalstraat 1, Leiden}


This seminar on recent developments in LGBT rights and visibility in mainland China will start with two presentations:

Elisabeth Engebretsen will speak on gay and lesbian (lala) activist strategies and visibility issues within Chinese public life. Elisabeth is the author of Queer Women in Urban China  (Routledge, 2013) and is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the International Institute for Asian Studies.

Jingshu Zhu’s presentation will focus on the development of LGBT-related law in China, placing it in a broader Asian and global context. Jingshu did her LLM in public international law in at Leiden Law School, where she is now doing anthropological-legal PhD research on the encounters of lesbians and gays in China with family law.

The two presentations will be followed by discussion.

All are welcome!


Suggested readings:

Elisabeth Engebretsen, “Queer guerrilla activism in China” (2010), Trikster.

Interview with Zhu Jingshu, “The history and future of LGBT rights in China” (2013), The Atlantic.

The website of non-profit organization Queer Comrades (check out the videos).


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