CHINA SEMINAR | 24 OCTOBER 2012 | Russ Glenn | Chinese Oil Security: Prospects for Conflict and Cooperation


Chinese Oil Security: Prospects for Conflict and Cooperation
Speaker: Dr. Russ Glenn (LIAS )
Expertise: International Relations, Sino-US relations, Energy Security

Date and time: Wednesday, 24 October 2012, 15.15-17.00
Venue: Arsenaal building, 001 (TBC)
Language: English
Abstract: Will China’s rapid economic growth and accompanying oil needs force conflict with the United States? As the world’s largest consumers of oil, these two states are seemingly locked in a zero-sum battle for a valuable and dwindling resource. This often-presented conflictual view is false. Instead of being a catalyst for great-power conflict, oil is in fact a useful, timely, and already-functioning motivator of strategic partnership between the United States and China. For both the United States and China, the benefits of cooperation in the mutually reinforcing oil and economic systems are obvious and relatively easy to access, while revisionism is prohibitively risky and costly. These realities form the “Oil Peace Paradox”: oil is central to the needs and aspirations of both states, but conflict over it prohibits the very futures they need to create.
Dr. Glenn is currently lecturer in Chinese Studies at Leiden University, focusing on Chinese foreign policy and politics. He recently completed PhD student at the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Faculty at the University of Cambridge. He is also a contributing analyst for Wikistrat on the Asia-Pacific and Energy Security Desks.


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