SEMINAR | 22 February 2010 | Shen Yang and Christoph Harbsmeier


 (there will be a short break in the middle should you wish to attend only one talk)


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Professor Shen Yang

(Beijing University)



Date and
:  Wednesday, 22 February, 15.00h – 16.00h
Venue:  Arsenaal building,
room 014
Language:  Chinese
Speaker:  Shen Yang (Beijing

Speaker’s resume:





Professor Christoph

(University of Oslo)

cataphora and exophora in Classical Chinese”


Date and
:  Wednesday, 22 February, 16.00h – 17.00h
Venue:  Arsenaal building,
room 014
Language:  English
Speaker:   Christoph Harbsmeier
(University of Oslo)
Expertise:  Chinese Linguistics
Co-reference relations between pronouns (including zero-pronouns) and
their antecedents have been extensively studied in general linguistics. The
case of Modern Chinese has drawn much general linguistic attention in this
connection. The case of anaphora in classical Chinese, which is radically
different from the case of Modern Chinese, is barely mentioned even in specific
discussions of the Chinese language.

The subtle connections of
zero-anaphora with the rhetorical device of the
zeugma are
obvious, and they certainly have not so far received any of the detailed
linguistic as well as stylistic attention they deserve.

The present paper will present an
exploratory survey of nominal, verbal as well as sentential anaphora based
mainly on Early Warring state sources.

Speaker’s resume:
Christoph Harbsmeier is a professor of Chinese in the University
of Oslo, and also an adjunct professor
of Chinese in Peking Unversity, Fudan Unversity, Wuhan
University, Zhejiang University, East China Normal University,
Xinjiang University as well as Shanghai Normal
Unviversity. His books include Wilhelm von Humholdt and the Philosophical
Grammar of Chinese (in German) (1978), Aspects of Classical Chinese Grammar
(1981), and vol. 7.1 of Science and Civilisation in China, Language and Logic. (1998). He is the editor in chief of Thesaurus
Linguae Sericae (url:


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