China Seminar 9 MARCH 2011

CHINA SEMINAR | 09 MARCH 2011 | Dennis Cheng | 太一生水研讀


太一生水研讀 (A Comprehensive Analysis of the “Taiyi sheng shui”)

Speaker:  Professor Dennis
C.H. Cheng  (National
Taiwan University/
European Chair in Chinese Studies, IIAS Leiden)
Expertise: study of the Yijing, Intellectual
history of the Pre-Qin period and Late  Imperial China

Date and time:  Wednesday, 9 March 2011, 15.15 – 17.00h
Venue:  Arsenaal
building, room 001
Language:  Chinese (Q&A in Chinese and English)

“Taiyi sheng shui” (The Supreme One gives birth to water) is one of the most
important texts of the “Guodian Chujian” (Bamboo slips excavated from a Warring State
tomb at Guodian in Hubei
province). It is defined by scholars as a Taoist text, narrating a
water-centered cosmology. The author is currently working on this paper as a
contribution to a collaborative project which involves 16 international
scholars, writing a series of new commentaries on some of the latest excavated

Speaker’s resume:
Professor Cheng holds a PhD from National
Taiwan University,
where he also been teaching as a full professor in the Chinese Department for
nine years. His rich publication record includes four monographs, and numerous
edited volumes and research articles on the Yijing
as well as intellectual history of the late Ming and Qing period.


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